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ON THE BALLOT: Bored Brewing Wants To Educate Folks On $Ape 1 Beer At A Time& Give Equity To The DAO

Bored Brewing is back behind the bar, pouring up a new Ape Improvement Proposal that hopes to educate the Web3 space on $Ape, offer free beer at events, and give the ApeCoin DAO a two percent equity stake in their beer business in exchange for the communitiy's support!


AIP-375 titled “Bored Brewing, $APE on Consumer Beverages and $APE Taproom - AIP Resubmission” is an ecosystem allocation fund proposal written by DZASTR and the Bored Brewing team.


“Bored Brewing is a fully operational beverage brand based in Canada, onboarding production and distribution partners in the US, UK, and Taiwan. Bored Brewing has already sold over 15,000 16oz cans and is continuing to sell more every day.


In AIP-375, DZASTR wrote that his and the Bored Brewing team's goal is twofold: 1. to educate the Web3 world about $Ape, and 2. to be the first proposal to give an equity stake in its business back to the DAO.


“After overwhelming support and some feedback to improve, Bored Brewing wants to be the first AIP to give equity back to the DAO,” he wrote. “We want to spread the word of ApeCoin by integrating $APE into the packaging of our beer and through explosive growth of our Made By Apes launch partner brand. This will include creating an $APE coin beer, QR codes on all cans and gamified educational content about the DAO and $APE, Web3 Gaming partnerships & sponsorships, and building out Distribution in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, as well as a Bored Brewing Clubhouse/Taproom IRL and in The OTHERSIDE.”

In total, DZASTR and the Bored Brewing team are asking the DAO to allocate 149,696 $Ape to their project.


With the money Bored Brewing  will design 11 new cans, including an $Ape-themed beer, create the $Ape QR code info, and cover marketing, among other things. If passed, the ApeCoin DAO will receive a two percent equity stake in Bored Brewing company.


The window to vote on AIP-375 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until next Wednesday, December 20th, to cast their coins.



The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about AIP-375 and will bring you an interview with Bored Brewing later this week. Stay tuned for updates!

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