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OPEPEN SOON: Improbable & BoredElon Are Hosting A Metaverse Meetup This Afternoon.

One of Yuga Labs' Otherside partners, Improbable, is hosting a metaverse meetup this afternoon with BoredElonMusk that's ‘opepen’ to the public and features a talk with Visualize Value's Jack Butcher

“Come one come all,” BoredElon AKA BoredOpepen tweeted yesterday. “Tomorrow. Degods, Apes, Pudgies, Cool Cats, Wizards, Punks, Doodles, and of course Opepen are welcome.”

During the event, which begins at 12: 30 P.M. EST on Friday, participants will get the chance to explore a new world that’s powered by Improbable’s M2 technology.

“It will be more of a hangout space featuring Jack Butcher,” BoredOpepen told the Gazette. “We'll do some more interactive/game-like events in the future. This is more chil.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Improbable has been doing these metaverse meetups for months, giving Yuga Labs’ Voyagers and metaverse enthusiast alike the chance to experience the digital world.

“Shipping another metaverse event? What? But I thought it took years,” Imrpobable CEO Herman Narula tweeted. “Seems like you can do it weekly.”

Web3 enthusiast who are interested in attending Improbale’s event tomorrow can do so here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Improbabale and will keep you posted on what they do next!

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