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PASSED: Ape Improvement Proposal-89 "Improved Delegation Experience” Was Passed By The ApeCoin DAO

Ape Improvement-89 passed at the ApeCoin DAO Wednesday night with near unanimous approval.

AIP-89 titled “Improved Delegation Experience” was a process AIP that was written by Ape Foundation Board Member Maaria Bajwa.

The purpose of AIP-89 is to make it easier for $Ape holders to delegate their votes and for active DAO contributors to apply to be delegates for their peers.

“Many $APE holders don’t have the time to participate in governance and would prefer to delegate their votes to a peer,” Bajwa wrote in the proposal. “The current Snapshot delegation system is opaque and unhelpful because users need to know the wallet address of the delegate, and there is no easy way to identify how the delegates will govern.”

To make it easier for $Ape holders to delegate their votes to another user, Bajwa proposed the DAO create a dedicated system for delegation.

“Delegates will answer a few basic questions about how they would govern, and delegators will be able to filter and search through their responses to find a delegate aligned with their interests,” Bajwa wrote.

This new delegation system will take up to 12 weeks to create and will cost the DAO up to $150,000 USD, according to the proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AIP-89 and will let you know more about the delegation system as more information becomes available.

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