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PILLARS OF SUCCESS: Yuga Labs CEO Garga Teased 'Degen Shit' Is In The Works For Otherside

Yuga Labs CEO Garga shared his three pillars for business and related them to Otherside in a two-part tweet that teased some 'degen shit.'

Things were anything but boring around the swamp on Wednesday, as Garga tweeted that everything Yuga Labs does will focus on content, tools, and 'degen shit.'


“Anything we do needs to have three pillars,” Garga tweeted. “1. Content. What’s the story we’re delivering, and does it have a strong point of view (basically, if it feels like a story anyone else could tell, then don’t bother telling it) 2. Tool. What are we putting into people's hands so they can contribute to growing the network. 3. Degen shit. Gasoline poured on top of 1 and 2.”


Shortly after this post, Garga related these three pillars to Otherside and hinted that he and the team are cooking in the background.


“So for Otherside: 1. Project Dragon. 3k+ player team fight mayhem. Janky? Probably,” Garga wrote.  “More importantly, built using the same toolset we’re making available with… 2. The ODK. The best way to build and monetize a 3D game or social experience in crypto. 3. Can’t talk about 3 yet.”



Garga gave the community several Otherside updates at last week’s metaverse townhall.

At the time, he announced that the ODK will be given to select builders in the next few weeks, and that Yuga Labs will be launching a new action game series titled 'Project Dragon.' This game will be able to host over 3,000 concurrent players and is set to launch this July!


““TLDR: Here's what we're focused on,” Garga tweeted after the town hall. “EVENTS: Monthly starting July, and not just social ones like Apes Come Home. We’re talking 3k+ players with low-latency, action gameplay. Guns and stuff. Mayhem. ODK ALPHA: Putting builder tools in the hands of the community immediately. REWARDS: Rewards for those who build Otherside.”



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things Otherside and will let you know what ‘degen shit’ Garga eventually announces. Stay tuned for updates!

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