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PLACE YOUR POPCORN& BELLS: G-Tag Holders Can Reallocate Their Assets On Their G-Tags Until Feb 8th At 4 P.M. PST!

The Grailed show is about to begin in New Tokyo and G-Tag holders have one last chance to reallocate their popcorn and bells before the movie begins!

Following Battle.Town Season 2 where the Grailed completed numerous bounties, popped plenty of popcorn, and analyzed tweets every Thursday night, the community has one more chance to make changes to their popcorn and bells placement before G-Tags tun into the Grailed.

“G Tag holders will have a one-time opportunity to unload Popcorn + Bells starting on Feb. 7 at 12:00 PM PT,” 10KTF tweeted yesterday night. “Select which G Tags to unload by Feb. 8 at 4:00 PM PT. Unloading changes will be visible in on Feb. 9 at 12:00 PM PT. Transferring selected G Tags before Feb. 9 will cancel the unload request. See 10KTF Discord News for more info.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported G Tags are the profile photo collection of 10KTF AKA ‘The Grailed.’

Each G-Tag will eventually become one of seven different classes: 1. Kraken, 2. Golem, 3. MegaJaw, 4.Ninetails, 5. Swampy, 6. Toadz, 7. Mosura.

Common G-Tags will have their class randomly assigned to them while G-Tags that are uncommon or rarer can choose which class of Grailed they would like to have by loading that classes popcorn onto their Tag, according to 10KTF’s Bad Teeth.

 “More total popcorn = more rare PFP in your class and tier Rarity for entire collections flows from Legendary-> Epic -> Rare -> Uncommon-> Common but there will be some variance,” Bad Teeth explained.

Further, the 1,295 G-Tags that have the most Bells allocated to them will each get one of the 1,295 Tomo Cats placed on them, according to the 10KTF Hot Corn Representative last week.


For those G-Tag holders who have not been participating in Battle Town and are happy with just having any Grailed PFP eventually, you do not need to do anything, and your G-Tag will eventually become your Grailed.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Grailed and will let you know what happens next in New Tokyo. Stay tuned for updates!

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