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PUNK PAGE TURNER: Yuga Labs Announced That Its 'CryptoPunks: Free To claim' Book Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

Yuga Labs' written record of the CryptoPunks has officially been published, and now everyone in the Web3 world and beyond can pre-order their copy of this 800-page hardcover book that chronicles the history of the collection that gave rise to the NFT space!

A lot has happened in the Web3 world in the nearly seven years since Larva Labs put CryptoPunks on the Ethereum blockchain as a free claim; and now, everyone can read about this iconic collection by pre-ordering Yuga Labs’ new book, 'CryptoPunks: Free to Claim.'


"CryptoPunks: Free to Claim" is now available for pre-order, shipping Fall 2024,” Yuga Labs tweeted this morning. “Priced at $100 - both the public and token-gated Holder editions can be reserved until 5/15/24 at:



The 800-page book, apes into the storied history of the CryptoPunk project and is filled with anecdotes and from community members like 0xQuit, Alexis Ohanian, Ana Viktoria Dzinic, Chris Lyons, SNOWFRO, 6529, Jack Butcher, and more!

Along with  a the hsitroy of the Punks collection, Free To Claim also features all 10,000 CryptoPunks in a 400+ page catalogue that gets into every detail of these 24x24 algorithmically generated pixel art images.


"wen bestseller," CryptoPunks General Manager NaughtalieStone tweeted. "But in all seriousness, this is such important part of cementing not only the legacy of Punks but also the legacy of this entire space. This book is thoroughly researched, unexpected, disruptive in a lot of ways - and some of the biggest names within web3, art, fashion have contributed to make something very unique. Pre-order through May 15th."

At this time, CryptoPunk holders are invited to pre-order a holder edition of the book while everyone else can pick up a standard copy for $100 USD each.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks: Free To Claim’ book pre-order and will bring you a full report on this Punk page turner when it ships later this year. Stay tuned for updates!

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