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Q&A: This AIP Hopes To Have The Web3 Space And Normies Saying Cheers To $Ape Through their beer!

There is an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that hopes to introduce the web3 space and normies to ApeCoin one beer at a time!

AIP-341 titled “Bored Brewing Marketing $APE to Beer Drinkers,” is an ecosystem fund allocation and brand decision proposal written by DZASTR_Eth and Bored Brewing.

“Bored Brewing is already a fully operational beer brand based in Canada, onboarding production and distribution partners in the US, Germany, and Taiwan,” DZASTR wrote. “Bored Brewing has already sold over 10,000 16oz cans and is continuing to sell more everyday. We have integration into our restaurant and have grown our distribution with suppliers across the region. Currently, we are a profitable business with 5-8 beers available at any one time. While we initially focused on BAYC, we see the opportunity to integrate $APE into the brand and help spread the word about $APE on every can. We are major believers in what the future of $APE can be and want to be a steward working towards further adoption beyond the swamp.”

To help onboard drinkers across the crypto market, DZASTR and the Bored Brewing team plan to integrate $Ape into its packaging with QR codes that educate drinkers on the DAO. In addition to the ApeCoin packaging, Bored Brewing would also like to sponsor events around the world so people's first taste of ApeCoin is as crisp and full as their beers.

“Beer is better with frens and we want to empower and collaborate with incredible NFT communities who may not be as exposed to or aware of the power of ApeCoin, but are obvious early adopters and an incredible target demographic to onboard into our inclusive and welcoming ecosystem,” DZASTR wrote.

In total, Bored Brewing is asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate $175,000 USD to their project. With this money they will build the QR code’s educational landing page, 10,000 beers for IRL events, get ApeCoin DAO Dark Lager (name TBD) into more people’s hands, and give one ApeCoin DAO contributor the chance to have their own Web3 IP branded beer.

To find out more about Bored Brewing and how their AIP will have everyone raising a glass to $Ape, the Gazette reached out to DZASTR for an interview. Check it out below:

1: In a sentence or two can you explain what your AIP is all about?

“Our AIP-341 aims to create a way for $Ape to expand its reach beyond twitter. We want to market what the ApeCoin DAO is, how to acquire an $Apee coin, and do it on beverages, mainly beer.”

2: What inspired you to combine NFTs and Crypto with Beer?

“Pieter, Gene and Dave are long term holders and believers in crypto and NFTs. Pairing that with our love of beer made sense and Bored Brewing was born. The idea first came from Pieter as he saw Apes as a Tony the Tiger IP but we all had a unique IP and unique story to be shared. He felt the beer industry was due for a shake up and launched Bored Brewing with 50 founder passes, allowing those holders to license their IP to be used on beverage cans.”

3: In your AIP you talk about a QR code filled with information about $Ape. What kind of information would you include there?

“Our goal is to create quick, digestible information that can be enjoyed by non-crypto native people. We think the content will change over time, but it can focus how to buy an $Ape coin, to teaching them about cryptocurrencies, uses for $Ape in things like the Otherside, to even learning about a DAO and why you need an $Ape coin to vote. It will be a bit of trial and error, but we think it’s a great way to market the nfts/ip of the industry alongside our favorite token $Ape.”

4: Why is beer a good way to introduce people to $Ape?

“Beer is an experience to us, and we believe that the cans of bored brewing draw consumers in and encourages them to look at it closer than just your average beer. It is meant to we fun and a bit of storytelling in each can. We want that story to continue beyond the can and launch into $Ape.”

5: Where do you see Bored Brewing and ApeCoin a year from now?

“We are obviously big believers in both brands and its why we made this AIP. Bored Brewing is expanding into other countries. we just found co-packers in Asia and USA, and we already have a co-packer in Canada. Our goal is to bring beer and beverages to all consumers, with priorities focused on North America. As for $Ape, Dave’s opinion, I think a lot depends on two key areas: the DAO and the sinks. For the DAO, I love that there is potentially a mechanism to pay back to the DAO, but I do not want the DAO to turn into a crypto backed VC. My hope is that we focus on initiatives that effectively expand the use for $Ape or increase awareness around $Ape at a fair cost per AIP. Sinks/spend cycles will be critical to help establish a base demand for $Ape on a daily/weekly basis. I have been a holder of $Ape since launch and truly believe we will be in a better spot in a year from now with better DAO focus and improved sinks.”

6: What should the community know about you and Bored Brewing before they vote?

“Bored Brewing is a profitable company, that is already manufacturing, shipping, and selling beer! We are not funding a seed round and the goal here is to partner with our favorite cryptocurrency by helping market the token and DAO on our beverages across all products for two years. Many people seem to think this is just $175k for 10k beers, but that is a very small part of the AIP. We are also including marketing and content creation on 100s of thousands of cans that will be sold over this period. We will also have the ability to track engagement within that QR code to help us learn and adapt our marketing efforts.”

7: Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“We appreciate all of the support from the community up to this point. We are apes til we die, and regardless of how you vote this week, we will always be here serving drinks to our frens, cheers!”

The window to vote on AIP-341 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until tonight at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins and vote on this proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know how the DAO votes later tonight. Stay tuned for updates!

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