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SOMETHING'S BREWING: BAYC Member RACS Wants To Feature Your Ape At His New coffee Shop!

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member is brewing up IP opportunities and serving piping hot cups of Joe and wants to feature up to 200 Bored Ape Yacht Club members' primates at his new coffee shop in Honduras!

BAYC member RACS has been busy building his brick and motor coffee shop, Rich Aroma, and is looking to a spotlight hundreds of primates on the Drive-Thru window and inside the building!

“Gm @BoredApeYC fam,” Racs said last night. “The time is finally here. We have 200 spots available to get your BAYC/MAYC up on the Rich Aroma Coffee Shop Drive-Thru window. Plus 45 spots available at the entrance of the building. Each ape will have a 7” x 7” inch square using the GM mug. Only 10 $Ape to secure your spot.”

Following his announcement, RACS told the Gazette that Rich Aroma will be the only drive thru coffee shop in a 40 mile radius and that he’s excited to teach the local community about Web3 and make an impact in people's lives one coffee at a time!

“The idea is to integrate our IPs with the most popular drink (coffee) and start familiarizing the locals with the BAYC IP and it’s strong community, he said. “Since the coffee shop is located in a 3rd world country, we will have many initiatives that will give back to our local communities and elementary schools.”

Apes who would like to have their primate featured at Rich Aroma can reach out to RACS via Twitter @ racs_o.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Rich Aroma and will let you know when the shop opens for business! Stay tuned for updates!

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