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SPLASH: A Crypto Whale Purchased 15 CryptoPunks For 845 ETH Or $2.1 Million USD Yesterday. Here's What We Know:

A Crypto whale that uses Coinbase Prime made a splash in the Web3 space yesterday after they purchased 15 CryptoPunks across various marketplaces, spending over $2 million USD.


Wallet 0xf1a9Eaf4A062A7EfCAC784542a4cfE0C0BF0D27 is pumped about Punks after they purchased 15 CryptoPunks for Eth 845.41 Eth or $2,137,129 USD on Thursday.


This Punk purchaser is also the same person who bought 16 Squiggle NFTs for 134 ETH or $338,741 USD yesterday, according to onchain data.



In total, Wallet 0xf1a9Ea spent 979.41 ETH or $2,475,870 USD on Squiggles and CryptoPunks this week.


At this time, we do not know who this mystery buyer is, but we do know that they have another 225.18 ETH or $563,525 USD left in their wallet, according to Etherscan.


Further, we know that Wallet 0xf1a9Ea received its funding for yesterday’s sweeps from Wallet 0x1B30F38094793C89608dcd38A2485c74Ba21d61e that currently holds another 49.99 Eth or $125,000 USD at the time of this article’s publication.



Finally, the last thing we know about this mystery buyer is that they used Coinbase Prime as their onramp to Wallet 0x1B30 earlier this week.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this whale and will let you know what they do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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