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SPOTLIGHT: This BAYC Member Is Sending Out Some Trippy Invites For His Trippy 30th Birthday!

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member has been sending out some trippy invitations for his trippy thirtieth birthday!

As BAYC member TBlake gets ready for his thirtieth birthday bash at Dave and Buster’s next month, this Mutant Ape has been sending his friends and family some insane invitations that incorporate his digital identity with his real life milestone.

“Tyler’s Turning 30… And We’re Having A Party,” the card states, along with a photo of TBlakes Mutant Ape.

“My friends love the design,” TBlake told the Gazette. “It’s very much a part of me. Plus the fact we’re hosting it at Dave and Buster’s just feels right for this daunting 30-year milestone. I’m getting older, so the adult version of Chuck E. Cheese is a solid counterweight.”

TBlake’s Mutant Ape is Mutant Ape #11640. Mutant Ape #11640 a seven trait M1 trippy fur primate with a guayabera shirt, a Vietnam era helmet and a silver stud earring. Based on these traits, Mutant Ape #11640 is the 5991st most insane Mutant, according to Rarity Tools.

TBlake told the Gazette that digital identity is very important to him and that he’s thrilled that he gets to incorporate his ape with his IRL birthday!

“Digital Identity is something that’s been a massive part of my journey to this point and being able to incorporate an aspect of the Web3 space into the invitation is really special,” he said. “It has never been a better time to reflect and renew my interests, and Web3 is something I think will continue to be a part of my years to come.”

While TBlake says that his friends and family love the design of the cards, he told the Gazette that many of them took a while to understand why he feels so strongly about digital identity and Mutant Ape #11640.

“Early on it was a difficult thing for my friends to wrap their heads around,” he said. “Many thought it was a waste of money and couldn’t grasp the digital aspect of the membership. The best way I’ve explained the club is by comparing it to a membership at a country club. People in the USA pay tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to join prestigious country clubs, and those prices vary based on perception and status. BAYC to me is in that same vein. My membership has allowed me to connect with so many great people from different backgrounds, and the membership continues to pay dividends with these great activations, events, and games.”

The Bored Ape Gazette wishes TBlake a happy early birthday and will continue to follow his trippy thirtieth! Stay tuned for updates!

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