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SPOTLIGHT: These Two Bored Ape Yacht Club Members Are Teaming Up To Make A Daily Tips Segment!

After years a couple years in crypto, these two Bored Ape Yacht Club members are teaming up to bring the community daily tips from the some of the most primer primates and influencers around the swamp!


Beginning tomorrow, BAYC members vRandom and Jacopo Lanza will be releasing daily ‘tips of the day’ from prominent figures in the web3 space alongside insane artwork that will bring their  advice to life.



“We started to post daily tips over a month ago,” vRandom told the paper. “Few days ago, I had the idea to ask other OG apes I know for advice and in return they would get a post made for them and an artwork to go with it. Most of them were happy to answer the 2 questions I asked them. So starting tomorrow we will share one every day!”


vRandom went on to explain that these daily advice posts are his way of giving back to crypto twitter that has given him so much!

"The reason is simply because I wanted to add some value through my CT," he said. "So I reached out to @idrawanimation and told him about my idea and he loved it so since then I just send him a daily tip and he makes some relevant artwork with our apes."


Be sure to follow vRandom on Twitter @vRandom11 to see his daily tips!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow vRandom and Jacopo Lanza and will keep you posted on their tips of the day. Stay tuned for updates!

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