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SPOTLIGHT: This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Has Been Creating Custom Banners for Bored Apes

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

A Twitter banner is an important part of one’s Twitter profile and this Bored Ape Yacht Club member has been making some insane banners for his fellow bored Apes.

BAYC member Gerry has been editing pictures for his fellow primates since he first joined the swamp in the summer of 2021.

“I wanted to contribute to that (the community) and I found a way how, at 3 AM one night,” Gerry said in his Forever Apes spotlight. “I saw an ape asking if someone could change their PFP background to what looked to me like an Arizona Iced Tea can. Although I hadn’t used photoshop in years, I had a feeling I could get it done. So I got up, made the background, put his ape on it, and sent it to him. The apes loved it. I had 243 more requests that week.”

Fast forward to fall 2022 and Gerry is now an established member of the BAYC and has been creating some very boring banners around the club!

“I love making banners for this community," Gerry said. “We all own and love multiple NFT’s, and I want you to be able to put as many on display as you’d like, not just your pfp.”

Take a look at some of the banners that Gerry has made below:

In total, Gerry estimates that he has created almost 400 banners for club members and he’s happy that he’s found his place in the swamp. “After that, I knew I had found my place in the BAYC,” Gerry told Forever Apes. “I am Gerry, Ape #2069, and I make Banners for Apes.”

If you’re interested in getting a Twitter banner made by Gerry, feel free to connect with him via Twitter @nftgerry.

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