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SPOTLIGHT: This Voyager Defeated The First Shattered Yesterday Night. Find Out How He Did It:

The Otherside can rest easy after Voyager Moonlyght and Koda #1533 vanquished the first ever Shattered in the Legends of The Mara game late last night!

September 28th will be remembered in Otherside history as the day when the first Shattered was defeated by Koda #1533 and three Enchanter Maras. This monumental victory was achieved through their exceptional login skills and a cunning attack strategy that involved spending a significant amount of $Ape!

It was a classic David vs. Goliath story on the Otherside yesterday, as Moonlyght, Koda #1533, and three Enchanter Maras faced off against a colossal praying mantis type Shattered known as Sidian. Their heroic efforts led to the defeat of the beast and secured their place in Yugaverse lore.

“WORLD FIRST SHATTERED DEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @OthersideMeta,” Moonlyght wrote after winning the battle.

Following the defeat of the first Shattered, Moonlyght said that the fight went according to plan.

“I feel fantastic,” Moonlyght told the Gazette. “I actually wanted to be the first to defeat a shattered so it wasn't random, I planned for it and prepared accordingly! I managed to get into the game during three critical moments: at launch, during a stress test yesterday, and just 20 minutes before today's (yesterday’s) announcement.”

After quickly logging in, Moonlyght and his Oda team wasted no time inflicting as much damage as possible as they smashed the Sidian Shattered!

“Once inside, my main goal was to deal maximum damage,” Moonlyght said. “To make that happen, I had to spend ApeCoin. My squad consisted of a Koda and three enchanters (Common, Uncommon, and Rare) on an Environmental Tier 1. For the Koda, I focused on Weaken and Direct Damage abilities. These worked best for a Tier 1 environment, especially with a limited party where buffing wasn't as crucial. In terms of strategy, I kept it simple. After getting in the game, I used Weaken on the Shattered and then spammed the Direct Damage ability. It cost me around 200 ApeCoin total.”

After Moonlyght and his team defeated the Shattered he was awarded with two legendary engine parts, a rare hanger part, an uncommon hangar part, and a Serum City tier one box!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Legends of The Mara and will keep you posted on the Oda’s quest to defeat the Shattered and defend Otherside. Stay tuned for updates!

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this article stated that Moonlyght defeated a dragon-type Shattered known as a Thrash. That was incorrect. Moonlyght defeated a Sidian Shattered. The article has been updated.

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