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STAY ALERT: Yuga Labs Warned The NFT Space That A Coordinated Social Media Attack May Be Coming:

Yuga Labs warned the NFT community today about a possible social media threat that's targeting the NFT space.

“Our security team has been tracking a persistent threat group that targets the NFT community,” Yuga Labs tweeted this evening. “We believe that they may soon be launching a coordinated attack targeting multiple communities via compromised social media accounts. Please be vigilant and stay safe.”

Yuga Labs warning comes a week after BAYC Co-Founder Garga warned his followers that someone was trying to hack his account. “Someone is actively trying to hack me right now, Garga wrote on July 11th. “Don't trust anything coming from me.”

Hours later, Garga tweeted again that the situation was under control. Garga then offered the NFT community some advice on how to stay safe and keep their NFTs secure.

“Seems like we got a handle on it," Garga tweeted. “But always good to operate in crypto with a healthy dose of suspicion in general, and especially on Twitter given how many NFT-related accounts have been hacked recently. Avoid surprise mints, never type your seed phrase, etc.”

The Bored Ape Gazette encourages you heed Yuga Labs warning and think before connecting your wallet to anything you see online!

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