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ThankApe Awarded 20 $Ape Merchants With Grants Courtesy Of The ApeCoin DAO! See Who Won:

ThankApe’s Merchant PropHouse contests came to an end last night and the ApeCoin community selected twenty projects to receive $Ape grants for their work!

ThankApe, an ApeCoin DAO sponsored project that aims to reward active contributors in the ApeCoin ecosystem, teamed up with PropHouse earlier this month to hold three builders contests and reward merchants who accept $Ape as a payment option with a grant courtesy of the ApeCoin DAO!

"Why we’re doing this," thankApe tweeted at the beginning of the competition. "1. We believe in the power of #ApeCoinMerchants to start a thriving $APE payments ecosystem. 2. We will recognize merchants for providing excellent goods & services! 3. We need diverse goods & services for a thriving DAO & to show the utility of ApeCoin!"

ThankApe's merchant PropHouse competition featured three different categories: 1. Services, 2. Physical Goods, and 3. Digital Goods, to reward creators across the $Ape ecosystem.

After a two-and-a-half-week entry period, with 101 proposals submitted across the three contests and 3,474 votes cast, the community selected 20 winning builders! Check out the winners from each category below:

Service Providers: Build the Future of ApeCoin Services

1: Scam Domains Sniffer Subscription by Boring Security

By: Boringsecurity.Eth

“Boring Security will be offering its Scam Domains Sniffer as a subscription!”

2: Logistics Consultant Services

By: NFThoarder888

“Ecommerce fulfillment for physical IP products requires logistics as a core competency to deliver for customers”

3: Pro-Bono Legal Services + Free Consultations for ApeCoin Holders

By: Punklegal.Eth

“Lawyers are too expensive. We aim to make web3 safer by offering free and discounted consultations for ApeCoin holders.”

4: Crowdfunding platform for Ape community

By: 0x85B

“Decentralized DeFi crowdfunding platform for ape community.”

5: Bored Events: Unforgettable Gatherings Powered by ApeCoin

By: Stonedabu.Eth

“A proposal to create extraordinary event experiences while promoting ApeCoin adoption by accepting ApeCoin as payment.”

6: Adorable Emotes & Stickers made with love by Annie

By: Annierawrz.Eth

“Boost your community with custom emotes & stickers - 10% off with $APE!”

Physical Goods: Bring ApeCoin IRL

1: SINGE®: Streetwear brand inspired by the BAYC and Web3 culture

By: Dim.Eth

“I'm building a streetwear/lifestyle brand with ApeCoin payement option.”

2: Buy your Boring Security Ledgers with $APE!

By: Boringsecurity.Eth

“The Boring Security Merch Store will soon be accepting $APE payments!”

3: Something's Brewing! Accept $Ape on

By: Pieter3.Eth

“Allow anyone/everyone to buy Beer, Seltzers, Kombucha, & Bored Brewing Merch with ApeCoin!”

4: Shilly Merch Powered by APE

By: Shwaz

“Allow anyone to purchase Shilly physical merchandise in Apecoin.”

5: 100% Custom Merch, Apparel and Designs Driving NFT IP Use

By: Apewhalenft.Eth

“Professional Apparel Company with 14 years Experience, High Quality Custom Sporting Goods and Products”

6: Welcome to FeltedFoots: Handcrafted Mongolian Felt Shoes

By: 0xf4e

“Discover the beauty and comfort of traditional Mongolian craftsmanship with FeltedFoots.”

7: ApeCoin Lighters by Mutant Goods

By: Avislash.Eth

“ApeCoin Themed Stainless Steel Lighters.”

8: Snowfall BoredTea Bar- $Ape specia gift set. Winter flavor frens Chocolates

By: Frens and BoredTea

“Made By Apes product Shopping at IRL & Shopify Inspiring $ApeCoin use cases.”

Digital Goods: Create Culture for ApeCoin

1: ApeCoin 3D Landscapes

By Jackie.Eth

“Playable landscapes in a 3D open world”

2: Shilly Signature Guitar NFTs Powered by Apecoin

By: Shwaz

“Allow anyone to use Apecoin to mint Shilly's upcoming line of Shilly Signature Guitar NFTs”

3: Simply GIFFED by Shotgun.Tobi

By: 0xshotgun.Eth

“Avail of GIFs & Things by ShotgunTobi! APE payments get discounts!”

4: WOON: Transforming Networking with Web3 Name ID

By: 0x6FF

“WOON blends blockchain, decentralized identity, and ApeCoin DAO to empower seamless networking with secure digital IDs.”

5: everything everywhere all at $APE

By: EvilPotato.Eth

“Customized 3D Asset to be used across different platforms as a decoration + art assets.”

6: Apecoin Powered NFT SKINS for EVERYONE to use EVERYWHERE on!

By: Snowflakeclan.Eth

“VR created skins powered by Apecoin: available for everyone! including non artists,game builders, personal prints, colectors.”

Each service provider and digital goods winner will receive a grant of 1007 $Ape and each physical goods winner will receive 1,670 $Ape, according to ThankApe.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow these $Ape merchants and will let you know when ThankApe hosts another contest. Stay tuned for updates!

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