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The ApeCoin DAO Funded Public Bored Initiative Is Looking To Hire A Social Media Manager! Find Out More:

The ApeCoin DAO-funded Public Bored initiative is rolling after successfully launching its digital billboard campaign at ETH Denver earlier this month. Now, the Public Bored is hitting the jobs boards in search of a social media manager to help grow this phygital advertising initiative into a bored business!

On Sunday, Public Bored Founder, MemeBrains took to Twitter and announced that his 3-sided digital billboard display truck business is looking to add a social media manger from the $Ape ecosystem to the team.

“The Public Bored: AIP-383 brought a large digital billboard truck to the BIGGEST parties all around ETH Denver earlier this month, and everywhere we went, we brought ApeCoin & BAYC with us,” MemeBrains told the Gazette. “Now we're growing the team and looking for full-time or part-time help with the social media content. As a starting point, we have 300+ photos that need to be tweeted with the right nuances, plus general daily content as well.”

MemeBrains went on to say that he not only envisions Public Bored at  crypto events throughout the year but also decentralizing the advertisement world!

“The broader vision is to decentralize access to outdoor digital billboards everywhere; highways, bus-stops, and more,” he said. “This digital billboard truck initiative is simply the MVP for the longer-term initiative. Everywhere we go, Ape love comes with us.”


Apes, $Apes, Mocas, or anyone who is part of the $Ape ecosystem or Yugaverse who is interested in possibly working with MemeBrains to grow Public Bored can DM him on Twitter @PublicBored.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Public Bored and will keep you posted on job opportunities around the $Ape ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates!

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