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The ApeCoin DAO Is On Top After The Community Approved A Proposal To Make .Ape A Formally Recognized Top Level Domain!

$Ape is on top after the ApeCoin DAO passed a major Ape Improvement Proposal that will make .Ape a formally recognized top-level domain alongside internet staples like .com, .net, and .xyz, while also creating a source of revenue for the DAO!

On Wednesday, the ApeCoin DAO cast 18 million votes in favor of AIP-395 titled Launching the Real. APE Top-Level Domain on the Internet by ApeCoin DAO Contributor and Web3 naming service company, D3, CEO Fred Hsu.

“It’s exciting and my team and I are honored to bring .Ape to life as a real top-level domain in the upcoming ICANN round starting in 2025. A real asset class with inherent utility, we can make .Ape as big and enduring as .xyz and .com for the next 100 years.”

Following AIP 395’s approval, Hsu and his D3 team will apply to have .Ape recognized as a top-level domain by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) this year.

By doing this, the ApeCoin DAO can be granted the rights to operate and monetize .Ape domains, thus having .Ape recognized alongside the world’s other top-level domains. This will open up a new source of revenue for the DAO, as users and companies obtain their .Ape domains, according to Hsu.

“The .APE TLD has the potential to create a lucrative, perpetual source of revenue for ApeCoin DAO, enabling growth of the community through new .APE domains, and cement ApeCoin (and $APE) as a major real-world asset with interoperability and utility at its core,” Hsu wrote in his proposal. “D3 plans to offer a patent-pending tokenized APE (e.g. SAM APE) as an immediate Web3 identifier for users, while in parallel submitting the ICANN application for the real .APE TLD to enable future interoperability and native resolution seamlessly across Web2 and Web3. ApeCoin DAO will receive 50% of all gross revenues generated from the *APE name tokens and the .APE Top-Level Domain.”

Domain enjoyers who are interested in registering some names atop .Ape will be able to purchase a .Ape later this summer.

“We will start selling *APE name tokens in about 2 months,” Hsu said. “These name tokens will act as early access to the future real domain, plus provide immediate web2 and web3 utility to billions of users. BAYC members will have exclusive early access to buy them. Excited to share more details about this.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Hsu and D3’s efforts in making .Ape domains a digital reality. Stay tuned for updates!

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