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The BAYC Was Featured In Beeple's Latest Piece. Find Out All The Details:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club was featured in popular crypto artist Beeple’s most recent daily piece.

Yesterday evening, Beeple posted his daily “everydays” piece titled, “DISCORD COMMUNITY AMA.” The image depicted a man standing before a large Discord logo with several smaller orbs floating around him.

Two of the eight orbs depicted images of bored apes. The bored apes seen in the image are Bored Ape #7628 and Bored Ape #9408.

After Beeple’s post, Bored Ape #9408’s owner, multivrsstudios, tweeted their thoughts on being included in Beeple’s everydays collection.

“Jeez man,” BAYC member multivrsstudios tweeted. “So so so so so so humbled and thankful. You really are one of a kind mate. Beeple discord forever!!!!!”

Beeple discord forever is in reference to the Beeple Collectors discord, which multivrsstudios is a member of, according to various tweets.

“DISCORD COMMUNITY AMA” was not the first time bored apes have been featured in the artist daily works. The BAYC was also featured in Beeple’s May 31st piece titled MEEBITS VS. BAYC and his follow up piece on June 1st titled “REVENGE OF THE PLANET OF THE BORED APES.”

Be sure to check out Beeple’s daily works on Twitter @beeple.

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