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The BAYC Will Give Out 88K $Ape As Rewards During HV-MTL Season 6, But Many Had Hoped for More

Season six of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s HV-MTL Forge began today and many HV-MTL holders were less than enthused by the highly anticipated Boss battle $Ape rewards.

On Thursday, Season six of the HV-MTL Forge dubbed “Rift Boss” began and the BAYC explained how HV-MTL Holders can upgrade their HVs to EVO2 and earn some $Ape along the way by entering the Rift, finding a boss, and defeating the beast in battle.

The more Bosses that HV-MTL Holders and their Mechs defeat, the more Shards they earn, and the higher they place on the seasonal Shard leaderboard, which determines how much $Ape they can win.

In total, 88,318 $Ape will be distributed amongst the top 1,000 Forgers with HV-MTL Holders ranked 501-1,000 getting 40 $Ape each and the top player receiving 3950 $Ape.

“Rewards for Forge revolve around Evo 2 and upgrading your HV for future activations,” Yuga Labs wrote in its gaming guide. “The story of your HV will continue to move beyond Forge as we embark on future adventures. For those who are at the top of the Shards Leaderboard at the end of season 6, ApeCoin rewards as part of the icing on the cake.”

While these rewards may have only been intended as ‘ icing on the cake ‘ when they were announced, many longtime community members had hoped that these $Ape rewards from season six’s boss battles would be bigger.

“This is a joke right,” notable BAYC member DFarmer tweeted. “ Are you guys being serious? I hope there’s a misunderstanding and these are DAILY rewards… $ape is literally been thrown around in the most hideous and wasteful ways, and you had one chance to create excitement and bring some eyeballs and THIS is what we.”

Following the community’s reaction to the $Ape reward announcement, the BAYC took to Twitter and said that there is a larger story at play in HV-MTL Forge and that the boss $Ape rewards were meant as a bonus.

Season Six of the HV-MTL Forge is set to end next month on November 2nd. After the Forge closes, HV-MTL Holders Mechs will evolve to their Evo2 form and HV Holders and their Mechs will embark on a journey towards Evo3.

“After forge we’ll evolve to evo2 then next mini game will either go to evo3 or combine with bakc to get to “????????,” Yuga Labs’ Community Manager Mr. Eth. Said on Discord yesterday.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of the HV-MTL Forge season six. Stay tuned for updates!

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Nikola Yers
Oct 13, 2023

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