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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Community Council Is Looking For Three Apes To Join The Committee!

The Bored Ape Yacht Club's Community Council is looking for three primates to join its ranks and help guide Yuga Labs and shake up the swamp in 2024!

Seventeen months after Yuga Labs launched its BAYC Community Council, with the goal of collecting feedback from the BAYC and MAYC members while uplifting community-driven initiatives and projects, the council announced that it was looking for new Apes to nominate themselves and their fellow primates to join the committee next week!

“We’re excited to announce nominations for the 2024 BAYC Community Council,” the BAYC Community Council tweeted today. “Nominations will open via tokengated form this Monday, Feb 12 for a 1-week nomination period.”

The BAYC Community Council went on to explain that there will be three open positions that BAYC and MAYC members can nominate themselves or others for 1. Council Co-Lead, 2. Made by Apes Liaison, 3. Clubhouse/Events Liaison, and that nominations can include an optional rationale on why that primate is perfect for the job.

Following the weeklong nomination period, Yuga Labs will review the nominees and submit a list of candidates to the community and let them choose who best to represents the club!

“This year’s Council responsibilities will be structured a little differently, with greater emphasis on collaboration with Yuga rather than focusing on one-off community grants,” the BAYC Council said. “For events specifically, this decision is to ensure that we and Yuga support events that reach the greatest number of Apes possible. As such, the application process for community meet-ups will evolve into more bespoke partnerships with Yuga when there are major events to anchor to. As event plans come together, either a Yuga or Council member will reach out to local Ape groups to plan community meet-ups.”

As three new Apes get ready to join the BAYC Community Council, BAYC members Josh Ong and SeraStarGirl will be staying in their positions this year to lead the Council and help onboard the new primates into their roles.

“Serving on the council for year one was a honor, and I’m glad to co-leading year 2,” Ong told the paper. “My goal has been to be active in and listen to the community and bring that feedback to the team. We worked on a number of community-led events last year, and also worked on the processes for developing the autonomy of the council while partnering closely with Yuga Labs. The council is a part-time role with a stipend. Anyone who is interested should submit a nomination with the reasons why they think they’d make a great council member this year. I’m looking forward to finding out who Sera and I will be working with!”

Ong and Sera will be hosting a Twitter Space on Monday, February 12th, at 12 P.M. EST to go over the BAYC Council nomination and election process. You can set a reminder for the space below:


The Bored ape Gazette will continue to the BAYC Community Council election and will let you know more about how you can throw your hat in the ring when the nomination period begins next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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