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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Gave Member's Their First Look At The ApeFest 2023 Merch! Check It Out:

Bored Ape Yacht Club members are looking forward to upgrading their Yuga Labs wardrobes this week as the club debuts its new line of ApeFest 2023 merch, which includes flipped brim hats and the BAYC's first official pieces of women’s clothing!

It was an insane Mutant Monday around the swamp as the BAYC released its ApeFest 'Zine,' filled with information on this year’s ApeFest festivities and a merchandise catalog, that gave Apes their first official look at this year's ApeFest items!

In the catalog, Apes got their first look at several ApeFest 2023 merchandise items inspired by the city of Hong Kong. These items include a t-shirt with a lit-up version of the club's skull logo on the back, a BAYC receipt graphic tee, an island-themed matchbook pocket t-shirt, a new ApeFest Trucker hat, and stickers.

Along with these new items, the club confirmed that several recently teased items, such as the BAYC women’s crop top, the BAYC flip brim hat, and the club’s ApeFest 2023 poster featuring Curtis coming out of a fridge, will be available at the Member's boutique at PMQ!

The BAYC’s ApeFest merch collection won’t be the only line making its debut at ApeFest 2023. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Club’s collaboration line with A Bathing Ape will also make its debut at the BAYC’s annual get together this year.

"This first collaboration is all about the community, where BAYC members and BAPE Heads receive exclusive early access to the apparel and accessories in the limited-edition collection,” Yuga Labs Co-Founder Garga explained in a blog post titled. TWO ICONIC APES, COOKING SOMETHING UP' in September. “The collection makes its debut at ApeFest on November 4, where Apes can purchase onsite, or online with token-gated access. Then, it drops exclusively for BAPETAVERSE members online. Finally, in December the collection arrives at BAPE STORE® and BAPE.COMglobally, where the public can access.”

Since then, the BAYC has teased five different BAYC X BAPE merch items that will be available for purchase at ApeFest 2023, including a limited-edition shoe!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the BAYC’s two merch lines that are debuting at ApeFest and will bring you coverage from the Member’s boutique later this week. Stay tuned for updates!

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