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The Bored Ape Yacht Club's IRL Clubhouse Will Be A lot Like 'Cheers' With 'Member Perks' And 'Great Vibes', According To The Club's Creative Director

Bored Ape Yacht Club members can look forward to ape-ing into a place 'where everybody knows their name' in Miami eventually, after the Club’s Creative Director said that the BAYC’s highly anticipated real-life Clubhouse will be a lot like the classic TV show Cheers and teased that more information on the clubhouse is coming as early as next month.

On Thursday, BAYC members gathered in the Club’s community Discord for the fourth ever Bored Meeting where they got an update on the BAYC’s upcoming  clubhouse in the Magic City!

“Incredible progress is being made both with our internal team and our external hospitality partner on the clubhouse,” the BAYC’s Creative Director Jeff Nicholas said. “We are going to start rolling out more ways and more info for everyone to be involved starting hopefully in June.”

Nicholas went on to say that Yuga Labs' goal for the BAYC clubhouse is to build it alongside the community and make it for Apes!

“The idea here is we are going to build this fucking thing together,” he said. “Everyone is going to have a voice in making this thing really special and making it a place that we all want to go to, and if you’re in Miami that you want to live in. Its not a hotel, but I’m just saying it’s a place that you’ll want to be.”

While the community will have a lot of say in how the BAYC’s IRL Clubhouse looks and feels, with community input on everything from décor to menu options, Nicholas did tease that the aesthetic and vision that Yuga Labs has for this place is like a Bored Ape version of Cheers.

“Think about it like a high-end dive bar,” Nicholas said. “I’ve been saying not so divey that your feet stick to the floor, but also not so high end that its uncomfortable. Dave on our team likes to say that we are not building Cheesecake Factory, we are not building Hakkasan. But it’s more like our real-life version of Cheers with a ton of member perks and great vibes. It’s going to be really really sick.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the IRL Clubhouse and will let you know when Apes can stop by for a drink. Stay tuned for updates!

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