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The Bored Ape Yacht Club Teased The Club's Latest Merch. Take A Closer Look Here:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is set to close quarter one with an insane merch drop!

The BAYC teased its upcoming merch drop on its Instagram yesterday evening.

“Made you something,” the club posted along with zoomed in photos of embroidered BAYC and MAYC merch. “BAYC and MAYC merch drop coming Monday 3/28, 12 pm ET. Payments With Apecoin Only.”

This will be the first time the BAYC drops merch that will only be available for purchase in $Ape.

Earlier today, the BAYC confirmed that this merch drop will be exclusive for BAYC and MAYC holders.

“New merch coming Monday 3/28, 12pm ET, the BAYC tweeted along with a 20-second video showing off the new hoodies. “This is a limited-time release for BAYC and MAYC holders, closing Wednesday night. Payments with @ApeCoin only. More details coming soon.”

Take a closer look at the new BAYC and MAYC hoodies here:

At the time of this articles publication, we do not know how much $Ape the latest BAYC merch will cost; but members of the club are eager to ape in!

Oh yay, BAYC member Crystal Hefner tweeted. “Can’t wait for my first BAYC merch purchase. Thank you! $ape.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will keep you updated on the drop and let you know when more information is released.

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