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The Community Reacts To Yesterday's 10KTF Tweets. Here's What We Know And Here's What Holders Think:

10KTF’s Thursday tweets were anything but boring yesterday as the project released several images of New Tokyo being broken into pieces, and an announcement that “It’s not a prophecy, it’s a reminder,” by the man himself, Wagmi-San!

10KTF’s weekly tweets began with a series of five photos of New Tokyo separating into pieces: presumably by the vortex in the center of the city.

Following 10KTF’s five new Tokyo tweets, the project gave the community a new look at a menacing Wagmi-San standing in the center of New Tokyo.

“It’s not a prophecy, it’s a reminder,” 10KTF cryptically tweeted.

Along with this post, 10KTF updated its profile photo to Wagmi-San in the same red and white art style.

Like most 10KTF and Wagmi-San tweets, the meaning is not concrete and everyone in the community has an opinion on what comes next!

Take a look at some holders’ thoughts after 10KTFs posts and see why many believe that these tweets may relate to the second trip or Yuga Labs’ upcoming standalone experience, Legends of The Mara.

“Lots of exciting new art, news and spec released from 10ktf yesterday though,” 10KTF Gucci Grail community founder GrimyFrankie.Eth tweeted. “Much of it seeming to tie 10ktf to the Otherside and followed shortly by Yuga news about the 2nd trip. Check out @10KTFshop to see all the tweets.”

“If there was ever any doubt, The Old Man is a BOSS,” BAYC Joker tweeted. “Just like we saw in the First Trip into the @OthersideMeta (before Yuga acquired 10ktf), where one of the main activities was finding Wagmi-san's glasses, expect the second trip to be centered around New Tokyo.”

“Legends of Mara vibes,” CaptainTrippy tweeted.

Only time will tell if these tweets have anything to do with tomorrow’s trip to the Otherside. Stay tuned for updates!

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