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The Metaverse Working Group's $415K USD Budget Is On The Ballot This Week. Find Out More About Their Plan To Push $Ape Forward

The ApeCoin DAO’s Metaverse Working Group’s first-ever budget is on the ballot this week; if passed, it will allocate $415,000 USD worth of $Ape to the committee that will work to cement $Ape’s place in not only Otherside but also the broader Web3 metaverse and beyond!

Three months after the ApeCoin DAO elected David_Crypto and Dim.Eth as its first-ever Metaverse Working Group Stewards, the pair have put forward AIP-404 titled 'ApeCoin DAO Metaverse Working Group Budget' to secure funding for the first six months of the Working Group's operations and initiatives.

“The main objectives of the MWG is to develop ApeCoin culture in the Metaverse and support Developers, Builders and Content Creators of the ApeCoin ecosystem through different initiatives like the creation of the ApeCoin Creators Assembly,” Dim.Eth wrote. “But also through a specific grant program and the promotion of creator’s initiatives both online and offline. The MWG is also developing the ApeCoin presence in different Metaverses and Game platforms through asset acquisition, development of experiences and games starting with the Otherside Strategy already in discussion in the forum and more in the work.”

In total, Dim and David are asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate $415,000 USD to cover the Metaverse Working Group’s first six months of operational needs.

With these funds, Dim and David plan to allocate $260,000 USD to operations such as online and offline promotion of the committee, the establishment of a Creators Assembly, an ApeCoin creators grant program, and a sponsorship program, thereby enabling the ApeCoin DAO to collaborate with Web3 builders like Nifty Island and Faraway Gaming Studio, thus expanding Ape’s reach.

The remaining $155,000 USD will cover expenses such as the monthly salaries of $9,000 USD to Dim and David each, as well as third-party services including legal, accounting, LLC setup, and other miscellaneous services like the creation of graphics and more.


The window to vote on AIP-404 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until Wednesday, April 3rd, to cast their coins and vote on this AIP.

$Ape’s can read the Metaverse Working Group’s full budget proposal here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about AIP-404 and will bring you an interview with Dim and David about their proposed budget soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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