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The Summoning Begins In Less Than An Hour. Here's What We Know So Far:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club broke its silence and announced that the conditions are just right for tonight’s summoning and that Gary the Dog Prophet will perform a “summoning ritual that will bring an incredible power source from another dimension into our world,” in less than one hour!

On Wednesday, the BAYC tweeted a three-part thread, and a 75 second animated comic in preparation for tonight’s event.

“We’ve Dookey’d and we’ve dashed,” the club tweeted. “Now the holder of the Key can begin to fulfill Gary the Dog Prophet’s prophecy by releasing the power from within the Box. The Summoning begins in one hour…”

Based on the BAYC’s tweet, that means that the Summoning Event will begin at 6: 29 P.M. EST.

At this time, we do not much about the Summoningother than it will incorporate a burn mechanic and that each “Power Source” that DooKey Dashers summon will be unique.

“Every summoning will result in a unique power source that will consist of traits of varying rarity,” the BAYC’s parent company Yuga Labs wrote on its Summoning FAQ page. “Your power source won't look exactly the same as any others.”

We also know that participating in the summoning is necessary for Dashers to participate in Yuga Labs’ upcoming activations and level up their power sources going forward.

“You'll want to summon your power source so that it can be utilized in the future mini-game sets to reach the Evo 2 stage and beyond,” the club wrote.

Take a look at the Evolution progression chart that the club shared on its MDVMM website earlier this year:

Many in the community believe that the power sources that Dashers’ will summon during the event on March 15th will tie into Gary the Dog Prophet’s “The Future” drawing of Mecha Apes from January 19th, based on a tweet from the club’s Co-Founder, Garga.

“Get in nerds we’re going to summon something,” Garga tweeted at the time as he retweeted Gary’s drawing.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Summoning event this evening and will let you know more about the power sources when new information is released. Stay tuned for updates!

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