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This BAYC Member Bought Two Mega Mutants For 740 Eth Last Night. Find Out Why Here:

It was quite the mutant Monday yesterday as a Bored Ape Yacht Club member went ape and purchased two mega mutants.

Opensea user, 0x7bf4, Cryptoap3 on Twitter, purchased two Mega Mutants back to back. Cryptoap3 began his shopping spree with Mutant #1796, spending 370 Eth and then purchased Mega Mutant #9209 for another 370 Eth. In total the ape spent 740 Eth or $2,590,000 USD.

Mutant ape #1796 and Mutant Ape #2902 are the known as the mega radioactive mutant and the mega swamp mutant respectively, according to the primates traits.

Mega Mutant Monday, ”BAYC member Accumul8or tweeted after the sales.

The mutant apes that Cryptoap3 purchased, are just the latest in a long series of bets on the BAYC. Cryptoap3 currently holds three mega mutant apes, 17 mutant apes, 13 bored apes and one bored ape kennel club dog, according to Opensea data.

“First and foremost, this is a bet on @BoredApeYC and @yugalabs, he tweeted after purchasing the two mega mutants last night. “This team has proven that they know how to build and maintain their community, and they continue to raise the bar by making it more and more valuable to be a member of their club. But more importantly, this is a bet on a new form of community and digital ownership, where members own a piece of the community: a digital asset that grows in value as the community grows.”

Going forward, Cryptoap3 tweeted that he is excited to work with the BAYC community and add value to the club overall.

“As a @BoredApeYC member, I’m excited to find ways to add value to the entire ape community so that as it becomes more valuable, so will the Megas,” he tweeted. “I’m exploring a bunch of stuff, from licensing to DAOs, so stay tuned to this space for ways to participate! Fun times ahead.”

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