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This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Bought A Trippy Ape And Is Trying To Trade It For His Old Primate That He Lost In A Phishing Scam

Nine months after Bored Ape Yacht Club member Digging4Doge’s iconic Trippy fur Ape was lost in an exploit, he has purchased another far out primate and is looking to make a trade to get his old ape back!

On Monday, BAYC member Digging4Doge purchased Bored Ape #8295, a six-trait trippy fur ape with a stuntman jacket and Seaman’s hat, for 42 Eth or $154,745 USD.

Following the purchase, Digging4Doge took to Twitter, Mogged out his new Primate, and tagged Flooring Lab Capital about a possible deal.


“New ape who dis,” he tweeted. “ Yo @FLC_FlooringLab you think we could work out a deal for me to get my old stolen trippy #6083 back & swap this one out?”


Digging4Doge lost Bored Ape #6083, a five-trait trippy fur primate with robot eyes and a lab coat, back in July 2023 when he fell victim to a phishing scam.

Since then, Bored Ape #6083 was sold by the scammer and ended up inside Flooring Lab capital’s Safe box protocol in October 2023, according to on chain data.

"I used have trippy ape #6083 and it was stolen from me in July from a bad

@GutterCatGang  link when their twitter was hacked," Digging4Doge told the Gazette. "I wanted to try to buy this one and trade it for my old ape. @FLC_FlooringLab owns it now he purchased it from the hacker. His whole platform is based off of swapping out floor nfts for liquidity so I am hoping he will trade it back since it’s very similar. If not it is still a dope ape and think it was undervalued regardless, so we will see what happens."

At the time of this article’s publication, Flooring Labs has not responded to Digging4Doge’s offer.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story and will let you know if and when Digging4Doge gets Bored Ape #6083 back. Stay tuned for updates!

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