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Twitter Dropped Its Genesis NFTs Today And Several BAYC Members Got One

Twitter dropped NFTs all day and Bored Ape Yacht Club members got a bunch of them!

Twitter released a surprise collection of 140 NFTs and sent them to random Twitter users day.

Of the thousands of comments, likes and retweets of users trying to get twitters attention, BAYC members won several NFTs.

The Bored Ape Gazette scoured Twitter and discovered that at least 5 apes were sent Twitter NFTs. BAYC members, Josh Ong,

Fvckgotrilla, Mr_Alan, RoaRK and Papa Ernesto all received one of the NFTs.

I’m ecstatic,” BAYC member and Twitter NFT owner Mr_Alan6 said. “Crazy to think I’m one of the 140 people to receive a genesis drop NFT from Twitter.”

After Bored Ape Papa Ernesto received the Twitter NFT, he told the Gazette he is looking forward to the future of brands interacting with users.

“I feel that this is just the beginning for brands in this space, he said. “Clearly there is a demand for it: this was not just NFT Twitter, this was Twitter at large. I’m particularly interested in the digital x physical relationship and I think that we start seeing more and more consumer brands tokenize physical products. This is just the beginning and I am just super excited to have one on of the 140!”

After today’s drop, Twitter’s head of social marketing and campaigns, Bianca Posterli, tweeted all the details about the collection.

In the thread, Posterli explained just how large the conversation regarding NFTs has gotten on Twitter.

“The NFT convo is HUGE on Twitter -- I’m talking over 29M Tweets about NFTs this year alone,”she posted.

Posterli went on to explain that Twitter’s goal with this drop was to get even more people involved with crypto and NFTs.

“To help bring even more people into the convo, we decided to merge the NFT convo with Twitter culture and drop FREE NFTs’” she tweeted.

All in all it appears today’s drop was a massive success. NFTs are now on more people’s radars and even some mainstream news sources covered the event.

Since the drop, someone has already sold a Twitter NFT for as much as 25 Eth or $50,000 USD, according to Opensea.

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