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Voyagers Broke On Through To The Otherside Today. Here's What Happened On The Second Trip:

Voyagers broke on through to the Otherside Saturday afternoon and explored Yuga Labs’ metaverse for the second time.

Things were anything but boring around the swamp this weekend as 7,200+ Voyagers aped into a vortex and made their way to the Otherside.

Once Voyagers broke on through, the community marveled at the beauty of the metaverse and then split up into four team which were led by Jimmy Wong, Brycent, Lowbellie, and Champ Medici.

Once the teams were split up, Voyagers began running, and sliding, through the Otherside as they collected blobs for the giant toads and competed in an Otherside contest.

The more blobs Voyagers brought to the toads, the more points they scored for their teams, and more lasers the crazy creatures shot at the portal!

From there, Voyagers were transported to the Kodas sacred temple, which bear’s a resemblance to the temple that appeared underneath New Tokyo earlier this week.

At the temple, the four teams competed against one another again to collect as many blobs as they could for the giant toads.

As the teams accumulated more blobs, the toads shot their lasers at the temple and eventually opened the teleporter.

After a brief reload, Voyagers were transported to a Bone environment Otherdeed.

Once all the Voyagers were together on the baron plot of land, Curtis got announced that Jimmy Wong and his team won the blob collecting contest!

“Team Galicia won and now their getting some helmets to wear on their heads,” Curtis rhythmically sang as every Galicia team member floated and danced.

After Curtis announced that Wong's team won the contest, he and Blue gave Voyagers a tour of this Bone environment Otherdeed.

However, this tour was cut short when a BoneLand Dragon attacked and Voyagers were sucked back to the infinity Space.

Once Voyagers were safely back in the Infinity Space, Curtis and Blue sent the community a message that ended with several vessels flying over their heads.

"Wow look Blue a meteor shower," Curtis said in the video. "That looks beautiful. What? Oh, those are vessels? Here to save the day? Here to save me? Oh so many. Its beautiful."

The Second Trip ended on this cliff hanger and left the community excited for the future of the Otherisde.

“Thanks to all Voyagers and guests who participated in 2nd Trip,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account. “Also keep in mind... Finders, keepers.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of all things Otherside and Second Trip. Stay tuned for updates!

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