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WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Nobody.Eth Just Purchased Their Seventh 1/1 Otherside Artifact

What’s in the Box? This Otherside Mogul just purchased an Otherdeed that’s home to an artifact with ties to Greek Mythology.

On Wednesday, Nobody.Eth traded 270 Eth or $515,000 USD and a Bored Ape for Otherdeed #5227.

Otherdeed #5227 is a three-star Sulfuric environment on Biogenic Swamp sediment with a Lumileaf resource.

While the resource and sediment are nice, the real draw of Otherdeed #5227 is the 1-of-1 Pandora’s Box resource located on it.

Following their purchase, Nobody took to Twitter and informed the community that they now own seven of the nine 1/1 Otherside artifacts.

“7/9 1/1,” Nobody tweeted.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Nobody has been collecting 1/1 artifacts since the Otherside’s inception last year. Take a look at Nobody’s 1/1 collection below:

While we do not know what Pandora’s Box means on the Otherside, we do know what it means in Greek Mythology. In legend, Pandora's box contained many evils that were released upon the world when she opened it, according to Wikipedia.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Nobody.Eth and Pandora’s Box. Stay tuned for updates!

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