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WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?: This $Ape Holder Shared Some 3D Modeled Doggo Files On The Timeline Today And Said That He Wants To Get Them Into Holders' Hands!

The Bored Ape Kennel Club dogs were barking for joy around the swamp this evening after ApeCoin DAO Contributor CryptoSheep shared some 3D-modeled doggos on the timeline and teased that he’s working on an Ape Improvement Proposal to get the files into every holders' hands!

 During the Bored Ape Gazette Live Space on Thursday, Cryptosheep came up and talked about his work to bring Apes' four-legged friends from 2D to 3D, similar to how Yuga Labs animated everyone’s Apes and gave them their primates' files  earlier this year!


“From my experience owning a manufacturing company and producing 3D full-color statues and figurines, I've always wanted to include all blue-chip projects,” he told the paper after the space. “I started by designing all 10,000 Bored Ape busts, and then moved on to all the 10,000 dogs. The puppies dogs deserve the love, and I've always admired companion collections when they're done right.”

Take a look at some of the 3D modeled Doggos below:


At the time of this article’s publication, CryptoSheep is working on an Ape Improvement Proposal and hopes to get these files into holders' hands soon.

“There's an AIP in the works that will allow each BAKC holder to access their files through token gating,” he said. “This will enable them to create animations, play in metaverse games, and obtain licensing rights. You can follow me on X, where I'll occasionally share sneak peeks of BAKC for our club members. The models aren't available for download yet, but I can't wait for your support on the AIP.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported,  Yuga Labs invited every BAYC member to claim a free doggo way back in June 2021, just a month after Bored Apes made their way onto the blockchain. After launching the BAKC collection, Yuga Labs donated over $700,000 USD in royalties from the collection to Orangutan Outreach, helping real-life apes!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow CryptoSheep’s AIP and will let you know when he submits something to the DAO. Stay tuned for updates!

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