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WHO WEARS BORED SHORTS? : This Made By Apes Brand Is Bringing Bored Shorts To The Swamp!

It may be cold outside but Bored Shorts and early Bored Ape Yacht Club vibes are always in season!

Thighs are out, and the future is bright for Made By apes business #00090 AKA Bored Shorts whose looking to bring luxury ocean streetwear that’s packaged in collectible cans to the swamp!

With a bored banana, flamboyant flamingo, and aquamarine themed prints, Bored Shorts has a color-way to fit every Apes aesthetic.

“The coolest thing to me about Bored Shorts, is that it’s a pure web3 native brand,” Bored Shorts Founder Chris Jourdan told the Gazette. “From my business partner to manufacturer and our first collab partner (@CandyRepublic on the flamingo design) - they were ideated and created with the help of web3 frens. Combine that with the support from Made By Apes and #apessupportingapes - my conviction in the people of web3 was sent through the roof!”

Since Bored Short's pre-order launch earlier this month, the brand has sold out of its banana-themed shorts and only has a few flamingo and aquamarine pairs left for purchase, according to the brand’s website.

Apes who are interested in picking up a pair of Bored Shorts can visit and pre-order their pair today for $69.69 USD.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored Shorts and will let you know when they release new styles and lengths. Stay tuned for updates!

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