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Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre Says The Company Is Looking Into Crypto Security& Tells Apes To Take Boring Security's Course!

Less than a week after 55 Bored Apes were stolen via an exploit in NFT Trader’s smart contract and subsequently returned to their rightful owners thanks to Boring Security, Yuga Labs’ CEO, Daniel Alegre, announced that the company is exploring security solutions and implored everyone to take Boring Security’s free crypto course!


On Friday, Alegre released a new blog titled ‘Reflecting On Security’ where he called last week’s NFT Trader exploit a ‘serious wakeup call’ for the Yugaverse and the broader Web3 ecosystem.


“Web3 holds the promise of empowering ownership without the need for centralized middlemen,” Alegre wrote. “To achieve that goal, each of us must be extremely vigilant and knowledgeable about security. We at Yuga want to support the ecosystem in being more security conscious and we are connecting with various players to explore possible approaches to improve awareness and solutions across the space.”


Alegre went on to highlight Yuga Labs’ commitment to security and recommended that BAYC members take Boring Security’s free wallet security course this holiday season.


 “It is important for all of us to be informed and that is why security training like the courses offered by Boring Security are really important. I’ll be putting some downtime to good use this holiday season and brushing up myself."


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Boring Security is an ApeCoin DAO funded project that’s mission is to provide free classes, security awareness, and track scam/hack trends in Web3.”


Apes who would like to find out more about wallet security and how to properly store their NFTs can reach out to 0the Boring Security team on Twitter, @BoringSecDAO, and sign up for one of their classes! Apes who sign up  and complete the course soon will also receive a free ApeCoin branded Ledger! 



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things security and will bring you more information on how to keep your NFTs safe! Stay tuned for updates!


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