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STREAKING AHEAD: Yuga Labs Teased Its Meebits Come Home Event Yesterday And Gave Meebits Another Look At Meetropolis!

The Meebits community got a glimpse of Meetropolis and some full-frontal voxel nudity on Friday in a new teaser for Yuga Labs’ next stop on the Meebits roadmap, MB 1.3!

On Friday, Yuga Labs tweeted a 14-second clip of a naked Meeb strutting his stuff through the voxel version of Times Square, with some Meebit-related billboard jokes in the background such as "Voxel Vs Squares basketball," "Drink Bitfzz – no mouth, no problem," among others!

“Streaking to MB1.3,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its Meebits account.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs first announced that the Meebits community would be heading to Meetropolis on the Otherside for ‘Meebits Come Home,’ on February 21st.

“Meebits need a proper introduction to Otherside,” Yuga Labs wrote in a blog post at the time. “Meebit avatars and Meetropolis are in their last phase of development, so hang tight, we’ve got something special cooking for MB1.3 this Spring. It’s our next thing."

At this time, we do not know what Yuga Labs has in store for the voxel community on the Otherside, but we do know that 'Meebits Come Home' will be a 'pretty big event' that will be comparable to Voyager's first and second trips to Otherside, and that it will include some 'experimentation with what creators can do,' according to Otherside General Manager, Eric Reid.

“We are working on Meebits 1.3 for this Spring,” Reid wrote in a blog post on February 21st. “It’s going to be an event for Meebits on Meetropolis, but it’s also going to include other special guests and some new experimentation with what creators can do on Otherside. It is our hope that this experiment starts to demonstrate the incredible power of Otherside for artists. With Proof, Moonbirds, and of course, the Punks, there are so many people with so much creativity to share. I view it as our privilege to work for them and expand their horizons on Otherside.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow 'Meebits Come Home' and will let you know more about the event as more information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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